Windows 7 Call of Duty 1 under x64 Windows 7.

Brightness/gamma and PB problem.
It works under windows 7 by
Numbers 1-5 is the fix for PB kick.
Number 6 is the fix for brightness/Gamma problem.

1. Have PB updated.
2. Have pnk's .exe under C:\Windows to run as Administrator.
3. Have pnk's .exe under C:\Windows set to vista compatibility
4. Have pb services to interact with desktop, under services.msc.
5. Set your game to always run as administrator from its directory .exe Properties.
6. Set codmp.exe as xp/sp3 compatibility under its own properties.

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Re: Solved

I have installed Call of Duty 1 twice and both times I receive a Buffer Overrun Detected message when running the program. Can anybody help??

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