Windows 7 call of duty 4: modern warfare error


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Jan 18, 2009
the single player loads and plays just fine :) maybe its just me but i think i see improved graphics (moving up from XP)

however, when trying to run the multiplayer .exe it crashes instantly with a blank, black screen! no notice is given until you alt+crtl+del and see that windows 7 has said immp.exe has stopped working. you can tell it crashes instantly since when it gives you the blank screen most the time the cursor is the blue spinny icon, but if you hover around the middle it goes back to the white mouse pointer.

any idea how to fix this? it gives me no error report on what failed and when. all drivers are upto date, tried running the compatibility on xp sp2 and vista, neither worked...

edit: device manager has found an nvidia geforce raid device error, it cant find a driver for it and i cant seem to find one on the net, but i dont think this is my issue since cod5 runs fine on single and muliplayer..

its a 8600gt

Hey guys thought instead of opening another thread i would post in this one...Dont mean to hijack the thread..

Whenever i go install cod4 on my windows 7 o/s just comes up with error 1628 and doesnt install.

Specs of my computer are

AMD 3800+ X2
1 gig of ddr
DFI nf4 Expert motherboard
nvidia 7600gt

If anyone could help out would be greatly appreciated..

Cheers Sp4nKy

I've got the same error message...

Intel Core i7 920
3GB Patriot 1600MHz DDR3
Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 Mobo
ATi Radeon 4870X2 2GB GDDR5

Fixed my problem did a system restore to when i first got win7 up and running..
Something that i have installed has stuffed around with my Installshield versions and cod4 wouldnt run it..

programs that could have done it are

Adobe Reader
Battlefield 2

Installed cod 5 when i first got win7 up and running and worked... tried to uninstall it before i did the system restore and same error appeared...

So for anyone that has this problem there is one solution.... Format and install again or use system restore if you still have volume shadow copy started in your services.


I have same problem,singleplayer run fine but when try multiplayer screen go black.
And im using Ati radeon 4850 videocard.

hey ive the same problem ,and i have one ATI Radeon HD 4850 too. PLS HELP

edit: tested it with another graphics card (Geforce 8800GT) same problem, and when i start the multiplayer exe in windows vista/XP mode i get the error: Error during initalization: Couldnt load filesyscheck.cfg Make sure that call of duty is run from the correct folder.

weird..maybe because i installed cod 4 not at C:/ ??

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I have some graphic problems in some maps of cod4 multi. My graphic card is 8600 gt and i have installed nvidia drivers with windows update.
My OS is windows 7 64bit


Put in your Sound AND a Microphone together at the front or back of your computer.

Now start the multiplayer.exe

---> works

COD4 and Win7

From what I've tried and learned COD4 has problems with Win7 64-bit because of Punkbuster and Evenbalance does not want to fix that until Win7 is released. I had it working fine with Win7 32-bit though but had problems with the 64-bit.


Put in your Sound AND a Microphone together at the front or back of your computer.

Now start the multiplayer.exe

---> works

Thx chiller91 it work perfectly!

cheers mate.. works really well :D

however, i still cant connect to a server through xfire :( it will through cod5 but wont even attempt to load cod4

I have the same problem as you has, but I was happen during install the COD5, try many times already, don't know what's the problem is, anyone has idea about this?
BTW, for COD4, I can install, but after I update my Nvidia 8600GT driver with windows update, I only can play at 800X600, if I change to 1024*768, then the game can't display properly, cannot play anymore in 1024*768, don't know what's the problem also, maybe is the video card driver problem? I am gona check today, try to reinstall COD4 again

not sure why you are getting a screen resolution problem. mine seems to work fine on all resolutions 800x600 upto 1440x900 no glitches or anything.

another minor problem is custom maps. im part of a server that uses custom maps, however, windows 7 doesnt seem to recognise the file with all the custom maps in (copied over from my previous OS) and just re-downloads them, overwriting the previous ones ?

Hi J.B., I think it might be the problem of card driver, if not play game, the resolution is fine at 1024*768, but in game not that luck.
this afternoon, I reinstall the COD4, so far so good, resolution also fine at 1024*768, multiplayer didn't try yet, will try and find out
I am also trying to reinstall COD5 this afternoon, but be failed again. still don't know what's wrong, keep tell me 1628 error code.

I have just checked today for multiplayer, same problem happened as you have mentioned, blank black screen come out with nothing at all, don't know what coursed it, have you fixed yet?

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I seem to be having problems with cod 4 as of now 2/18/09 i just got done installing updates (45 actually have not turned my comp off for about a week haha...) but prior to that i could run cod4 multiplayer fine with no hiccups or anything. now i get to play for about 30 secs and then the game crashes. I ran the game in safe mode and seemed to run well but when i run the game at 1920x1080 game crashes so i lowered it down to 1280x720 it works fine. After i notice the sound was bad i moved it from medium 22 to high 44. it crashes of course, im not sure how these two are affecting it. AntiA is off aswell. If anything i don't mind the res drop but would like the sound quality back up Help please.

Comp specs
4G DDR2 Ram
Radeon HD 4870
Intel Core 2 duo E8400
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775

Ok now that ive tried running it over a long time in safe mode it crashes at about 3-5 minutes into it. im not sure about single player but i know mulit is unplayable

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I have encountered the same problem as JB. It does not seem to be about anything else that has been installed as this was the second program I installed after I installed Windows 7 (Fallout 3 being the first). Neither does it seem to be anything to do with the graphics card as mine is a Radeon 3870 while he is getting the same thing on an Nvidia card. Also I let windows update itself before I did anything with it.

One confusing thing is it runs Fallout 3 fine (which my Windows XP installation refuses to install) however I am yet to test it with Stalker and Mechwarrior 4 as those are the other games that I cant seem to run on XP. Thankfully, even in beta state, Windows 7 seems to be shaping up to be a very good games platform as yet I have not seen any slowdowns. Now all we need are those fancy Direct X 11 APU systems to be implemented.

Similar issue here... installed Windows 7 32-bit. Call of Duty 4 installs fine, patched fine, starts up fine, joins game fine... about 2-3 minutes into playing, it crashes with the "this program has stopped working" crap that is so famous in vista, except that the message disappears instantly instead of sitting around.

I am running a Core 2 Extreme on an Intel D975XBX (BadAxe) motherboard with copious amounts of RAM and an ATI Radeon X3870 w/ 512MB GDDR4. Updated to the latest drives (9.3, came out today) from ATI but no luck.

I haven't tried COD 5 yet to see if the issue appears there as well.

Any ideas?


You made a good point, than i looked into it, and voila!, we got the very problem itself...

Whomever bumped into this strange bug has to check his/her sound options, via control panel or with a glance at the right bottom, you'll see strange things goin on with ur sound icon already, you have to do a troubleshoot run first, if it wont correct itself, you gotta find a way through, its all about sound card and its doings... Thx for the heads up, its really nice of you...