Windows 7 call of duty 4: modern warfare error

Alternate solution to the blank screen problem:

Switch the speaker configuration from 5.1 to stereo, this fixed the problem for me as i had 5.1 speakers plugged in.
Alternate fix, if you have no open mic jacks, as my motherboard has 3 jacks, which I have reassigned to become 5.1 sound jacks , (mic in for sub, line in for side).

Go to control panel, sound, recording tab. Right click in the middle and select show disabled connections. You should see an option labeled "Stereo Mix". If it's disabled, enable it. If it's enabled, disable it.
I hope someone fixes this .. Had a major headache tonight getting all 54 of my pcs in my net cafe to run cod4 and cod6...

Call of Duty 4: Ran simple before i updated but now have issue of loading multiplayer.. I did try the speaker and mic trick and it did work.. But some of the users would hate that they would need headphones in which requires to play

Call of Duty 6: Well it's running sweet on windows 7 x64 bit.. Just the menu tends to be the only thing that idles for a bit need to like windows key tab to fix it >.< then u can join in a game >.<
''chiller91'' is a moron!!!! and any one who thinks they have solved this problem is full of S**T this is somthing that is ignored by Activision and Microsoft. think about driver conflicts now think about new operating systems and then think about very dumb people writing codes for pc games. Realtek will not comment on this and neither will motherboard manufacturers... Activision wont touch this with a ten foot pole and Microsoft windows 7 is just too big of a monolith to even look down to see people screaming about all the things that are obviously wrong. Pluging in a Microphone does not fix software and driver conflicts!!!! what is required is a patch!! FIX THE SOFTWARE PEOPLE!!! lazy jerks. and o ya windows 7 sux balzaxz.
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