Windows 7 call of duty 4 crash

I Gues if they are the most up-to-date drivers for it and there arn't any problems leave it, How old is this web cam?
Is it even supposed to be compatible with your OS?

If it is working leave it, otherwise get rid off it


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Okay no good. I just rebooted from uninstalling the LifeCam v3.2 software and removing the webcam so ill try again, but just double checking that this is the correct driver for the Yukon: Windows Setup Installer (32- and 64-bit) for Yukon Controllers. Because thats the one i installed. And so if this is no good i should completely remove the tv card itself? Im not even using it either so it shouldnt be a problem.

yes thats the driver that you need, remove the TV card and the drivers/software for it too, reboot and see what happens


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Okay well I just took a look and I forgot that I haven't installed the software for the tv card since reformatting few months ago. So will taking out the card itself change anything?

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