Windows 8 Unexpected BSOD while updating graphics card, resulting in Crash Dump


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Jan 19, 2013
Hey everyone,

I recently had a crash on my system while updating my ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card. :upset:
This occurred yesterday while updating to Catalyst v13.1, released on Jan 17 2013. Once I start the install, at around mid installation the BSOD appears and restarts my computer. I have since then done a clean install of Windows 8 Pro and it keeps appearing every time I try to update my graphics card. I've had this card for about a year now and with no problems until now.

The crash dump file appears in c:/windows/minidump and will upload it here for anyone who may wish to review it. Thanks! :)

Gateway DX
Windows 8 Pro 64bit
AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 2.7Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5450 1GB

Dump Files

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a quick look at your dump file and I noted your trying to install a 32bit driver on a 64bit system.

Try downloading and installing this version:

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Thats exactly the same file I download from ATI, and i know that my driver isnt up to date because I have version 12.10. Anyone know where I can find the older driver, instead of updating to 13.1 Below ill post a pic of what it tells me to search for. Link Removed

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I checked your dmp file again and your missing a bios update.

Current Bios:
BiosVersion = P01-A1
BiosReleaseDate = 04/24/2009

The bios update below relates to updating to a 5 series card:

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You can find the update here:

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He shoots!! And he scores!!!! THANK YOU!!!! v13.1 was successfully installed, the BIOS was the problem! Thanks for your help!!!! :D

Hey that's great! Thank you for updating your thread.