Windows 8 Can I boot with one Bootmanager Win 8 (and on another partition) Win 7?


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Currently on my (new) computer there is only a (pre-)installed windows 8

In detail there is a 300 MB big active system partition (I guess with the Win8 boot manager).
and a 200GB parition with Windows 8

Now I want to create a new partition (with 50 GB) and install Windows 7 on it.

Is the Bootmanager on the 300MB partition capable to recognize automatically the Windows 7
system on the new partition?

Or do I have to install the old Win7 Bootmanager?

A Pre-installed version of Windows 8 will normally be done using the UEFI configuration. The way your describe your partitions, it sounds like yours is using Legacy (MBR) configuration. Do you show an EFI partition in Disk Management? If you have a "Windows Boot Manager" it also indicates the install is UEFI.

But Windows 7 will be recognized either way. If Windows 8 is set for secure boot, you will not be able to boot to and install Windows 7 until it has been changed to enable the CSM (Compatibility Support Module). This is done differently on different systems, so I can't really tell you how. After you change the secure boot, you will have to boot the Windows 7 install DVD in UEFI mode by selecting that version using the Boot Device Menu.

You will have just the one Windows Boot Manager and a Boot Menu to select which one to use.