Can I Downgrade a new laptop with Windows 10 to Windows 7?

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation' started by JAJ, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Hi I'm thinking about getting a new Dell XPS laptop. It comes installed with Windows 10. I would rather use Windows 7. My question can I format the the new Dell laptop and install a new copy of Windows 7. Or are there too many driver specific components on a new XPS that need Windows 10 to function properly. Thanks
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    You can formate it and install whatever you like however in my experience W7 doesn't have many of the drivers for new laptops,

    I recommend making a back up image of the WX system before you un-install it ... In fact a dual boot WX and W7 may be a better option?
    Open disk management to formate say 20g off the c drive/ wipe it back to unallocated space and install your W7 onto it.
    If it doesn't work out you can always just wipe it and go back to using WX but don't mix the drives up.

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