Can I get rid of these recovery partitions? If yes, how?

I have these 4 recovery partitions and I have no idea what they are for. Can I get rid of them if they are not necessary? And how do I do it, if it is safe to delete them?



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I wouldn't advise that. It would help if we knew the Make/Model of your computer.

Recovery Partitions are used to restore all the programs and drivers that originally came on your machine when it came out of the box brand new. Should you get a badly behaving program or nasty virus such as the Krypto-locker virus, you can get locked out of your computer files unless you pay a ransom from $200-$2500. Removing the Recovery Partitions takes away that very valuable restoration option. Not a good idea. Bear in mind, that you should have multiple backups in any case to external media, in case of viruses, natural disasters, or other loss such as theft.

The Recovery partitions you've show take a little over 10% of your boot drive hard space; a small price to pay for the ability to get your computer working again without having to pay hundreds to a local repair shop. If that 10% is griping you, I suggest you install a 2nd internal hard drive or usb external drive if you have a laptop. New USB external hdd's can be had at Radio Shack or similar for a 500GB hdd around $60 or under. That's over 10 times the space being used by those very important Recovery partitions.



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1. The first two are needed... the middle one looks like you may have had a dual boot on that drive at some time? and the last (right-most) is fine to remove.

2. Remove them with the disk part tool... if you decide they arn't wanted.

To be clear; I some-what agree that removing recovery drives should not be done on a wim... think it over first, before you do anything!

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