Windows 11 Can i run windows 11 via Cloud PC

Oct 25, 2021
guys i wanted to try windows 11 on a cloud pc (windows 365) is theres a way to install windows 10 to windows 11 on windows 365 cloud pc my pc doesnt have the minuimum requirements heres the specs for my pc: 3gb ram ddr3 320 gb toshiba hdd tpm 1.2 legacy bios no gpu (thats bad) intel core i3 m370 2.40ghz 2 cores 4 logical cores thats all for my pc specs let's continue if theres a way to do it im gonna be happy about this
Microsoft has announced that Windows 365 customers can now deploy cloud PCs running Windows 11, the company's brand new operating system. According to a Microsoft blog post, Windows 11 is now supported across all cloud PC configurations with at least 2 vCPUs and 4GB RAM, of which there are eleven in total.
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