Windows 10 I am stuck in the automatic repair loop. Can I install windows 11 during this?


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Jun 3, 2022
I am stuck in the automatic repair loop in windows 10. I do believe I have some currupted files or missing files. Windows is unable to repair it so I am stuck in the loop. I have a flash drive and code for windows 11. I tried to install 11 but my system does not meet requirements. I know this is not the case since this is a newly built PC with parts from 2020 or newer. I think the reason I am getting the error is the TMP. I do have access to the command prompt so if there is a way to somehow get the PC up to specs from there for windows 11 I believe I could install it and things will be fixed. I tried to reset the PC and keep my personal files but I was getting the error of unable to reset nothing has changed. Any help is appreciated.
the fact that your computer is new doesn't mean it meets the min specs and it tends to be bios settings that block new installs because backup drives are locked

the best way to fix now without messing up personal files is to remove/ replace the drive, then you can install 10 or 11 onto a blank drive and read the old data off later via a usb caddy or spare internal port
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