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Can´t open Excel 2003


New Member
Dec 18, 2012

I installed Office 2003 on my windows 8 (of course I unistalled the 2007 version first) but I can´t open any files by double-clicking on the files. It doesn´t show me any error message, it just doesn´t open, like if I hadn´t double-clicked. I have searched many replies to similar problems and many of them talk about unchecking the box "ignore other applications" on tools/options/general. But this was already unchecked so I don´t know what I could do then. I can only open the files if I go to the excel 2003 icon and open it from the "open file" option.

Hello and welcome to the forums.
Try browsing to one of your excel (.xls) documents, right click it and choose properties. Near the top of the General Tab you should see a line of text that says "Opens with:", click the change button and browse (more options, look for another App on my PC) to your currently installed version of EXCEL.EXE. OK your way back out of there and test the results and see if that solves the issue.
You just have to determine a program (in this case Excel) which is gonna be used to edit that type of file..