Can USB v2.0 ports boot all bootable USB flash drives? Diff to USB v3.x?


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I have a problem with two bootable USB flash drives with some Tools on it.

When I plug them into an USB v3.0 port then they boot successful.
When I plug them into an USB v2.0 port on the same computer then they are NOT booting.

Yes, in the latter case they appear in BootMenu as option to be booted.
However after selection and boot start they suddenly abort booting and the booting switches silently to the hard disk based WindowsOs.

The USB v2.0 ports seem to be ok. When I boot WinOS from hard disk and plug in USB flash drives I can read and write files from/to it.
The Bootcode of the USB flash drive is a Legacy BIOS and the computer runs with Legacy BIOS.

So what could be the reason for non-booting?

Is there a booting capability difference to USB v3.0 ports?



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In theory yes there should be no difference and USB 3 devices are backwards compatible with USB 2 ports. It could be a setting in the firmware or a limitation of your system board.