Windows 7 Can you have a nice theme without the Aero?


Just an enquiry, I develop overlays that require Aero to be disabled and this means you only get a horrible basic looking theme.

I currently use Windows 7 Home Basic, which uses Aero Peek and the Home Basic theme, is there any way to have this same theme in the Home Premium or Ultimate versions without the Aero or enhanced visual options?

It seems XP is a better choice at the moment because if you refuse to use Aero on Windows 7 you get a crap experience in return.





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You can turn off parts of Aero, and as far as I know you can turn off the transparency. But not having the overlays you mention, makes it impossible to give a complete answer.

You could always install a version of Ultimate and test it for a while. There now seem to be legal downloads for it on some sites, but I don't have the links.

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