Windows 7 Cannnot uninstall a programme? Windows installer cleanup utility may help

If you've installed a new programme in W7 and can't uninstall it the usual way, you may wish to try the "Windows Installer CleanUp Utility". You can download it here: Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

You'll need to run the installer file you download as administrator.

Once installed, go your Program Files folder>Windows Installer Cleanup> find the "msicuu.exe" file in the folder [right click on the msicuu.exe file & under the 'compatibility' tab set it to run with Vista compatibility & as Administrator]. I also advise doing the same for the msizap.exe file under its 'compatibility' tab. Once you've altered both .exe compatibility settings you only run the msicuu.exe file, choose the programme that needs removing and click on 'Remove'.

Also, I advise reading the "Read Me" file before running the utility. This can also be found in the Program Files>Windows Installer Cleanup folder.
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I could have done with this yesturday as I had to manually uninstall WinZip from my system as it wouldn't uninstall the normal way.
Manually going through the registry took about an hour.
A right pain in the @rse.
i wish this would work for me!

I have w7, have software that doesn't uninstall properly. i tried to download the cleanup utility & run it but it doesn't work on my computer - says there's an error!!

Is there anything else I can do, please help!!!
Excuse me. Perhaps someone could render an opinion about using Revo Uninstaller to thoroughly uninstall programs and uninstall programs Window finds it difficult to remove..
I have used it for years without incident.
I am new here and would appreciate someone verifying my suggestion so no errors in protocol or functionality occur.
No problemo! Revo Uninstaller is a regular on my Utilities CD, and has been for quite some time.

However, if you're trying to get rid of a program like Norton, McAfee or even AVG, each company provides their own UN-Installer.
I keep them all handy, when I go on service calls.
I like AVG 2011 FREE, a very good AV program, but it's also very complex.
If it gets hozed, only the AVG Un-Installer will take it out, along with all its registry entries.

There are a few other so-called FREE UN-Installers, but the only thing free is the download. When you try to run them, that's when you get the bill. :(
Revo is still FREE, FREE, FREE!

Just a thought........

Old Timer :)
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One old timer to another.
Never stop sending replies please. All the wise advice we can get is appreciated. I am not part of the forum but I am sure they would like to have experienced people write in. I wish I knew enough to contribute. if I am sure of myself I will try to contribute otherwise I do not want to get anyone in trouble.
This forum has courteous people unlike some forums I can mention.
Thank you for the opinion about Revo. I will keep it in my tool kit. Yes, years ago I had McAfee and had to use the removal tool to be rid of it. It is not worth the price to me. I have tried sevral others. The problem I have with Microsoft Security Essentials is that, to my knowledge, there is no uninstaller.
I currently run Norton as it is free with my ISP.
I used to hate Symantec but they have created a very comprehensive security suite. I do not use all of it but it has not let anything thru to date. It also leaves a very light footprint compared to the bloated versions not too long ago.
Definitions are installed wvwry 3-4 minutes instead of every day. Being behind a router I would trust MSE but like I said, there is no uninstaller. Have a good one.
Peter- in my 8th generation - hope that makes your day
Most of the AV software requires using their removal too to get everything cleaned out. Using it in safe mode is also a good idea.
I wrote post # 7 5 years ago and I have certainly changed my mind. Forget the content in it. I would not ever use Norton or McAfee.
I also never use a program that could potentially drop a file. It is better to accumulate some orphans than to drop a valid file. Image, Image Image.