Cannot access "Beta" version of Windows Office 2010

Yesterday, I downloaded the Beta version of Windows Office 2010. Today, when I try to use any of the Office functions, I get the following: "Click-to-Run Application Manager: Microsoft Word 2010 (Beta) cannot be opened. Try again or repair in Control Panel." I cannot get any of the fuctions to work and I continue to get the above reply. Can anyone help?


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You have not finished the install. The application has been "streamed" onto your harddisk, but now needs to have finalisation with paths etc. What happens when you clcik "click to run" It should proceed with the final install.

RAK thanks a lot for your advice. I did know that was what was needed so last night I used the remove programs feature to completely remove the Office download. Then I downloaded the complete windows Office Professional Beta and I now seem to have a complete package--more than I wanted but it seems to work. Thanks for your assistance.

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