Cannot activate my windows7 beta copy (error 0xC004e003)


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Hi everyone,
i downloaded the beta version,got a key from microsoft website and installed windows beta yesterday, validation was successfull as well, then yesterday evening suddenly i ve been asked to activate again but i kept having this error, background goes black and i keep receiving warning messages.
I even tried to go trough the registration process again and tried a new installation with a new key, but no luck as soon as windows starts it says that the copy is not genuine and whenever i try to validate it i receive the code error 0xC004e003, one other funny thing is that the product id i have in the system control panel is not the one i typed while installing but it s a only number string.
Hope someone can help cause it s driving me mad=)

yea..I had that problem also..
goto "C:\windows\system32\" & theres a file called slui.exe.bak
change that to slui.exe & then re-run the activation process with your valid key

hope this helped!

Not sure if it was the same error code, but I ended up doing it by phone, and that worked OK, just slower.


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Hi again, I don t have any backup file of slui.exe in my windows 7 system 32 folder, how does the phone activation works with windows 7?can t see that option, it s really bizarre cause i also keep receiving the message "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting i click on the link install genuine advantage software and then i get that the os is not supported.
This is getting really frustrating,reinstalling formatting doesn t make any difference as soon as windows starts says that my pre release version has expired -(

Just call the number for Microsoft Tech Support, explain to them, they will ask for Key, and activate it.

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