Cannot connect to Network Printer with Vista



I have a network printer (OKI C3200n) running on my home network. I can print wirelessly through my two XP laptops, but I am unable to successfully print to this printer using my new laptop which is running Vista (HP Pavilion dv200).

I have configured the printer to connect via a local, TCP/IP port and the IP address for the printer is correct. I have the correct printer driver and the printer seems to install correctly. However when I attempt to print a test page I get an error in the printer dialog box.

My Vista machine can ping my printer and I am able to connect to the printer's web page via its IP address. I can simply not transmit print data. I have turned off all firewalls and defender to no avail. I also can sucessfully print when connected via USB just not via my network. I have spent hours on the phone with OKI and HP to no avail.

I would be grateful to anyone who can assist me. I am completely at a loss here.

Thanks in advance!

I have my home network with XP media center and Lexmark 1240(designed for XP systems) older PCs on network can print just fine. 2 notebooks - Acer and Compaq - each with VHP operSys, give message ' cannot access printer' Though the network printer printer is visible. Also each VHP(VistaHomePremium) PC cannot run the CD provided for Lexmark 1200 printer installation. I suspect VHP is not compatible with its own microsoft family, even running compatibility ( as XP system) does not allow printer software to function. I suppose MS is wanting everyone to upgrade to V, or face a world absent of common ground. :-( Curt


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I have exactly the same problem. I am really desperate looking for a solution since more than 6 months now but it seems not possible. I have tried everything and finally I gave up. It is outrageous, you pay a lot for a network printer ann at the end you just can use it as a USB normal one, and all because of VISTA!!!!!!!!

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