Cannot connect to \\server but works \\ ??? Please help!

Good Morning Everyone, this is my 1st time posting on this forum so please forgive me if I am not following some rules.

We have an office with 12 - 14 computers. We are running a domain network (going to be switching to workgroup network).

Anyways we are using Act by Sage 2008 to manage all of our customers.

We just setup 2 new laptops in the office which use wireless and wired connections (so if wired is disconnected, it uses wireless automatically).

1 laptop is running windows 7 pro 64bit and other is running windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

Ok so we have a network server on which we have the ACT database called \\server or \\

From computer with windows 7 ultimate 64bit we connect directly to \\server and it works (we use Windows Virtual PC to run XP mode on both computers). On a computer with windows 7 pro 64bit we cannot connect to \\server and can only connect to \\

Do to the fact that we cannot connect to \\server directly there is some type of a problem on the computer setup.

Can someone please help me resolve this issue?

Again Thank You so much for all the help and support!

Your answers will be accepted and tested.

Thanks Again and have a good morning everyone!

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when I try to open folder \\server I get error MSG:

The above file name is invalid.

problem is resolved, I know I figured out the issue my self but its nice to share. Thanks Everyone!

I turned off the firewall in Virtual PC Windows Xp Mode, this fixed the problem and now I have the right \\server connection to the server. Thanks again everyone!


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Looks like you resoved it yourself pretty guickly. Nice work and thanks for posting back and updating your thread with your resolution. Thanks for joining the forums and we hope to continue to see you around.
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