Cannot Log on to my computer!

Here goes.. if anyone can solve this for me, I will be so grateful

I set a password and changed my username on my new Windows 7
- when I logged out - the password doesn't work and what comes up is "username or password is incorrect"
- we tried everything, every variation of the password it could be.

-we downloaded and burned bootable discs on cd and USB (like osphcrack and a few others) - nothing worked
when they did actually work they said there was no password set.

we got into the registry and it said that there was two accounts the one I created and the administrator, but we cannot log onto the administrator account and it won't let us change the password from the registry.

- Is there ANYTHING that I can do further without having to restore to factory settings?

Thanks to anyone that can help

Search for this iso cd080802 i used it to clear the password on Vista. Note: You MUST WRITE to the drive when you clear the password... that's not obvous when you clear it.. Once cleared, when you boot it will act as if it's the first time it was booted.

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