Cannot Run Pretty Much Any fps(first person shooter game) online :(

I had a lappy which ran the fps games i had fine. But when i got my new pavilion dv6-2005tx notebook, which btw is much better then my old lappy. I couldnt play bcus i kept freezing or lagging extremely bad. i asked for help on forums and they said that its because i have windows 7. So can any1 plz help me solve this problem?


my graph card is a nvidia card and i have a 4gig ram :/


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Did you remove unneeded bloatware from the laptop? I.E. add-ons/ads for antivirus, office, etc.

Also, turned off the "start when windows load" (may not exactly be worded the same way), options from a couple of programs?

BTW, any info on the graphics card besides being Nvidia? Is it a Nvidia 200M, 300M, 400M or 500M series?

If you don't know, go to (World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies | NVIDIA). You may have to choose region, click download drivers > choose 'Option 2' Graphics driver button to automatically locate your card (follow on screen prompts and requests). The site should be able to tell you more about your video card, and if you have the latest drivers installed.

Also, graphic intense games may require even beefier hardware than what a laptop can use.

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