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Windows 10 Virtual Memory issues with brand new laptop... (PLEASE!!!)


New Member
Nov 10, 2018
guyz plz help me(
i bought new laptop since previous had broken, so, i wanted to play pubg hard on it, i was clearly thought it will not lag even a little bit (as i saw friends playing on this same laptop, with no lags). It's HP Pavilion 15-bc404ur, a very strong laptop. But, i bought laptop without any OS but FreeDOS, that's only what was in there. I didn't bought licensed windows, cause it wealth... So i installed by my own hands. I downloaded Windows 10 Pro 64x bit ISO image from microsoft.com, unpacked it with WinRAR into the flash drive 4 GB. Restarted PC to install it... Oh yeah before it i changed ei.cfg from that ISO image, to this:

So i installed on 1 HDD drive with no separated volumes. I didn't activated with key as i mentioned, i dont have OEM key on BIOS, no product key, i activated windows with KMS-Auto Lite, and so text below on right corner "activate windows please" disappeared finally, i thought now i can play games! All seems kinda good, i installed all drivers properly, soft etc. I was ready to play... But then nightmare begans, im stick with this problem 7 years...
It lags, stuttering, just because of some non-deleting caches or some idk flushing memory, it lags so hard when you for example riding on car from place to place by 40-60 km/h.. Textures loading very slow, some models still not rendering, and FPS is 3-10 very hard spikes absolutely unplayable... and when i stay on place for long it becomes good again (again something about cache which i have no idea), FPS is 60, on Ultra settings. Yes yes, and its lagging so fuckign hard in very low settings while i want to play but not to stay on one place to die for nothing!!! :(((( I just don't know about this... I repeat there is no any problems with GPU, CPU. No viruses, no other bothering application , just "clean" windows, steam + pubg, my internet, and my cat near me.
yeah about virtual memory, i think that's all because of this (pagefile.sys)! It really didn't matter how i set settings on virtual memory (on computer settings - performance - virtual memory), how much initial or max MB i set, on which disks i set, or even tried play with no virtual memory ( ofc all games was crashing on very beginning.......cause no memory left). Yeh, i know i can fix this issue by bying freakin 32 gb ram, but i cant... why? Because there guys playing on laptop weaker than mine with 60 fps on atleast medium settings!!11 So, i tried to set some services to disabled as: Superfetch, Offline Files, BITS, Windows Search. But ofc that is doesnt helped at all, i tried to follow very much articles from google as possible, from reg editing to group policy settings, and other tries. Everything without success... I got frustrated from all that shit(( Do i really need to buy windows, or get laptop to service to install OS? No, i cant do any of them, i want to somehow fix it from house by myself, that's why im asking for help from forumguys for hints). I will be so damn happy when i finally can play with laptop on full power, no not mentioned to lagging. Oh yeah, this problem not only at pubg, but on all games, applications, browser, explorer.exe, everything. Especially on games like this when there is huge island and all performance was about these chunks of landscapes, objects, huge mapdata. Idk, im weak on PC's... somebody please help!
also i tried to install windows like on my own to my friend's computer, he asked to format it, i installed and there was same problem like mine, bye..
i think this kind of issue could be appeared not only windows 10, no matter which update, Pro or Home... This must be some simple way to fix than doing bizzare things which is not to be supposed..
i guess there is some limitations on system, bios... something about the OEM?
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