Cannot Shutdown Windows Vista

I purchased a new HP Pavillion a year ago which came with Windows Vista OS. Until recently it's been fine. But, lately it has not been shutting down using the normal method. I have to manually turn off the machine. How can I resolve this problem?

Thanks for any help!

Warren K


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Hi Warren, could you list more specs of the machine please and also say in more detail of what actually happens, eg where the process actually gets stuck... Thanks

I had a similar issue with XP in the early days it happened after a driver update for my Video Card and I had to update the bios to fix it :rolleyes:

Hi Warren K

As Kemical says ....give us as much detail regarding what or what does not happen when you click shutdown at the start menu.
If it is not shutting down by normal means then some program or application is preventing it from happening. Have you installed any new software recently???
As Fatboy mentions have you updated or changed any drivers?? If you have try the rollback to previous drivers.
Another thing to try is system restore. See if this sorts the problem? If so try and remember what has changed since the last restore.
Incidently, have you installed SP1???????

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