Cannot upgrade from a staged build to a non-staged build


I am having some trouble upgrading a laptop running Windows Vista Business (Service Pack 2) to Windows 7.

I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, and (after having to uninstall several "incompatible" programs) was given a green light to upgrade to Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate.

However, disappointingly, upon running the installation DVD and selecting the "Upgrade" route, I received the following show-stopping message:

You cannot upgrade from a staged build to a non-staged build

I tried three times, selecting Professional, then Enterprise, then Ultimate, but all three options produced the same result.

The installation image was downloaded from the MSDN subscribers site. The exact file name is as follows: en_windows_7_checked_build_dvd_x86_398742.iso

If you require detailed system information, just let me know, and I'll be happy to provide.

In the meantime, any advice/pointers would be much appreciated.



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Do you know want a stagged or non-stagged build is? Related to RAID or something else?

Saltgrass, thanks for the reply. Sadly, I have no idea. That's what I'm hoping to get to the bottom of on this forum :)

I'm guessing the term "staged" refers to OS builds that have, in one way, shape or form, been modified by an OEM, but I'm really not sure. It's maddeningly cryptic and very unhelpful. The fact that Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor did not pick up on this apparent problem is even more frustrating...


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If it is an .iso, this should not be the case, but look at the files. I was thinking a staged build was something like the .box files folks were getting in their down loads, but I really have no idea.

I wonder if the file name being different from normal might be causing a problem. It doesn't even say what build it is.. It appears that file has been modified by someone and not a normal download for MS. But I am not part of the MSDN group.

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