Can't connect belkin wireless to sky router

Hi Guys,

Basically I completely formated last night and backed up all my files etc which has gone fine, but the problem seems to be with the wireless connection.

Last night I could connect for about 6 hours with absoloutly no issues at all, but suddenly today it will no longer connect to my network and gives the following error message:

"Windows was unable to conenct to (router name)"

If I try to troubleshoot the connection I recieve:

"Toubleshooting couldn't identify the problem"

I have shared the connection from my laptop which is next to the machine so it's not a distance issue, from this I have been able to update all drivers via windows update, I've also tried uninstalling and deleting the wireless card drivers but this has not helped.

I can sometimes connect for 5 minutes but the connection is about 0.1% of the speed it should be.

I've tried restarting the router and even taken the wireless card out, I've used this card for years with xp and vista and had no issues at all.

Any suggestion?


Solved - Turns out Belkin cards and windows 7 64 seem to be very unsupported at the moment, put a D-Link card in and its absoloutly fine, so if your wireless card is belkin and it won't connect then either spend ages looking for belkin drivers or change to another brand.

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