Can't get to windows, always boot up to chkdsk even after completing it

Is my harddrive dying?

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Last night my pc was fine, until I booted it up this morning, after the windows logo it brings me to chkdsk (drive C, system partition), ran it and it took hours to complete, there are so much unreadable file error, minor name or what it is, after it finished my pc reboots itself, back into the freaking chkdsk, tried skipping it, screen went black and reboot, and then chkdsk would show up again, tried startup repair, doesn't work, it says bad hard disk or something, tried to run chkdsk C: /r, finished in a moment with "unable to save log 50" or something like that, also, I have another harddrive that I took from my old laptop, it has W7 installed, tried to boot to it but getting stuck in startup repair "Attempting Repair", is my disk dying? can I recover my data? please, any help would be appreciated):
forgive my messed up english, also I've been searching this forum for "Bad disk", none of them are the same to me

Is it possible to boot up into my laptop harddrive (I regularly used this disk in my pc to get extra space) and just do a full format to my main harddrive?

Sounds like a bad drive. Can you boot into safe mode? Do you have any recovery media!

Hi! You could try some things in this link
Removed link!

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I don't have any, sadly, also I connected my secondary harddrive to my computer last night before I used it, works fine both drive show up, yeah, bad drive, is it possible to fix this? I don't mind if I lose some space by isolating the badsectors

When I try to boot into safe mode, it stucks on loading driver

Hi I'm sorry but I don't know where you're at. I think you are saying that you can't boot into safe mode. I don't understand your post #5.
It has been my experience that once chkdsk finds bad sectors, the drive is probably getting ready to fail. I wouldn't thrust it.
I'm not sure why you can't get into safe mode.
Maybe @kemical or others will have better suggestions latter!

I don't have recovery media, but I could make a bootable w7 iso usb on my friend computer.
I have 2 harddrive as I mentioned in the first post, the main one, suspected with badsectors and the other one (I took it from my unused laptop) and I usually use it on my pc to get extra space, both are installed with w7, I noticed something strange when I do chkdsk from cmd in startup repair, the system drive letter is D, while actually, its C, is it normal? bootsec.exe /scanos returns with 0 windows installation, gonna try to reinstall my windows tonight, thanks for the reply

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Hi Not sure where you would get a ISO with W7 these days. C is usually your OS drive. Does the chkdsk complete from cmd.
I'm thinking I'm lost. Good luck on your reinstall!

Windows 7

Apparently my harddisk is fine, diskpart says all of my partition is healthy, but bootrec didn't detect any installed windows, also there's a new mysterious partition called System Reserved or something, its just 100mb, I think my windows is corrupted? I am still looking for my usb, or maybe the installation disk:|

Hi ! Please post make and model. I gave you a link to W7 ISO file post #9.
If you need to install or reinstall Windows 7 you can use this page to download a disc image (ISO file) to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.
Windows 7

Well its a built up pc, but here's the spec
-AMD A4 3400 (inbuild gpu Hd6410d)
-4Gbx2 ram
-500gb seagate hdd
I'll try it tonight, thanks dude


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there's a new mysterious partition called System Reserved
All the partition contains is system files and is normal.

Try updating your chipset drivers and storage drivers. If your unsure where to find them look on the motherboards support page for drivers for Windows 7 and they should be there.

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