Windows 10 Can't move tiles back to Start

While installing a program, I inadvertently swiped my screen and now have tiles all over, I had the desktop set up much like Win 7 with icons and a dew tiles. I know it's probably something simple to fix it, but I can't figure it out . can anyone help?


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Can you post a screenshot? Are you saying the start menu takes up most of the screen for example?

Can't post links yet.

HI gmark! Can you not drag and drop the tiles where you want them. You can't post links yet. It's a forum safety for spammers:down:


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Just post the link as text

I'm an idiot. Dell 2-in-1 was in tablet mode. Turned off and all is good. *Slaps self on back of head*

No problem! Glad you got your issue solved! Welcome to the forum. Log on often and check us out.:up:

Used to be a member when this was Windows 7 only. Guess I was dropped for inactivity......

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