Cant open almost any apps, File system error (-1073741818)

Hi all.
Earlier I was trying to install the nexus mods manager for skyrim. Upon trying to run the .exe I
got the message:
"ShellExecuteEx failed; code -1073741818" a google found no one else who had had the same problem so I opened avast to scan for a virus, when trying to open avast I got the message: "File system error (-1073741818)"
It turns out i get that message whilst trying to open almost all apps (including command prompt so couldn't run an sfc /scannow)
Does anyone know about this bug/error and have anyway to fix it?


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Your shell extensions may have been screwed up. You will need to boot into a recovery disc or something like Hiren's boot disc where you can edit the registry. There are three of the exefile keys
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\exefile
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\exefile
In each of these will be a shell\open\command key the default value on these needs to be "%1" %* on all of them


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If neemo's registry fixes don't work, you might consider rolling your system back to a point in time prior to your installing the Skyrim skins manager app using Windows System Restore. :)



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Yeah @BIGBEARJEDI that would probably be a quicker fix, would need to boot into the recovery mode since no exe will run. That or it's malware blocking exe's from running.

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