cant see both external drives in bay

I am trying to use a ThermalTake dual external bay that allows you to use 2 internal sata hard drives externally. I was able to get it to work fine with XP PRO Sp2. It would see both drives in the bay and i could access each. now i have connected it to my Windows 7 Ultimate machine and I can only see one hard drive in the bay at a time :confused:
It uses an external eSATA connection and runs great for the one i can see but i cant get the darn machine to see the other

what can i do to see both. help ? ?


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Were you running them in some type of RAID setup in XP?

Is there an additional driver you might need to install? I would think the unit was responsible for showing both drives.

My eSata runs off my second Controller. The external drive did not work well until I installed an additional driver for that controller, or at least that is how it appears.

On one of the FAQs it does say if both drives are not seen there is a problem with the unit. Is that problem a driver? I do not see a Win 7 driver download, if I am looking at the correct unit.

Maybe take the drives out and try one at a time.

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