Can't see downloaded files

Installed win 7 64 bit. Everything is working fine and dandy, but when I download a file and try and run it, it says cannot find file in specified location, it also isn't showing up in the folder I D/L it to? What's that all about then? It is there, because if I try and download it again, when it comes up with the location to save it in, it's there. But if I look for it in the actual folder, it isn't? The situation of it annoys me no end! Any help would be peachy.

try searching for the name of the file.... when you download it should tell you exactly where it is putting it.

Nope, thats the problem! I know exactly where I am saving it to. But after it has downloaded and the run, open folder, close box comes up, I try and run it but it says it isn't there. And when I search the specified folder for it, it still doesn't show up? But if I try and download it again, I can see the file (and it also says it is already downloaded, do I want to overwrite it) in the save as box that pops up?

No.... what's happening is all downloads are stored in a temp folder... THEN MOVED to the target folder. Your files aren't getting moved for some reason. They are probably left in the temporary internet files .. .if you are using IE.

Edit this command and replace Terry with your user name and use it to create a shortcut so you can easily look in your temporary files for your download.

"C:\Users\Terry\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files"

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