Cant see icons on desktop

Hello, I cant see any icons on my desktop. I can see only gadgets, sticky notes and taskbar.
But if I click on most left button on taskbar (start) and than my computer and than open my desktop in window, I can see all icons that were suposed to bee seen on regular desktop in that window.

Please help me restore that. Thanks.


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Have you been here?
Right clcik the desktop - Personalize.
Click (Over on the left) "Change desktop icons", then tick the ones you wish to see.

I can't abide desktop icons. I herd everything into the taskbar and anything else I just pin it to the start menu. If I really needed a shortcut to say, the control panel, I'd just make a bat file and pin the shortcut to the taskbar. One line in a bat file and it's done.

START control
Then save it to a folder somewhere and create a shortcut. Drag the shortcut to the taskbar and then go into properties and change 'Run' to 'Minimized' to prevent the cmd prompt flashing up. Ordinarily I just use the 'Run' box to jump straight to places, like 'Programs and Features' is gotten to by running 'appwiz.cpl'.

Here is a list of shortcuts that you can use, they are for XP but most, if not all, are still applicable in W7.

The Real Solution

Hey Satja I recently have had the same problem. I install Ubuntu as a second partition and my Grub messed up my computer. I was able to start 7 back up again and all my icons were gone. What you have to do is right click on your Desktop go to view and then click show desktop icons. Show Widgets is probably already checked since you mentioned that you can see those.

Hope this works for you as well


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Good idea too look at the date of the last post (and the OP) before resurrecting. If you look at the previous posts, you will see that the answer was given but not responded to. The OP has only made one post on this site!

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