Can't start an application program over network

I have three different OSs on my network: W7, XP, and 98SE.

My email program, Pegasus, is installed on the 98SE. I can run it on the XP computer with a shortcut that targets the address:

"\\Tower\D\Program Files\PMAIL\winpm-32.exe"

The same address run from W7 generates the following error.

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000000f). click OK to close the application."

What might be the reason that I can start the program from the XP but not the W7 computer?

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Do you have the 98SE share restricted to only allow 1 remote user?

Did you setup the W7 computer with the proper credentials to be able to access the share properly.

As a test, copy and paste this into Windows Explorer address bar and hit enter. It should bring you to the folder holding the .exe you need to run:

\\Tower\D\Program Files\PMAIL\


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That produced a view of the files in the directory on the 98SE computer.

I googled the error message and found a MS hot fix for the problem. I installed the hot fix. It worked and I can now run the program from 98SE on W7.

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Wow, good job. Glad you fixed the problem!

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