Can't switch to another user at login screen.

Did a clean re-install of Windows 8, followed by recovery of my files and settings via Windows Easy Transfer. Windows 8 started just fine, but I got a message in the desktop that it wanted me to enter the old password before it would "unlock" my files. This went well, except for one of my lesser used usernames that I had never accessed under Windows 8. When I tried to log in to that account to unlock the files, it told me "The user's password must be changed before signing in." The problem is that even though I am absolutely positive that I am entering the correct password, it tells me that the password is incorrect. I could probably work around this problem from one of my other usernames but I can't get out of this little loop of "change your password", "your password is incorrect". I can't find a way to restart the machine or to get back to the screen that gives me all my user accounts to log in from. I have tried just powering off, but when the system restarts it comes back to this same screen. So, my system is essentially locked. NB There are NO domains on this computer and never have been. The only info i can find on the Internet regarding the message that the password must be changed before signing in relate to domains and are of no help to me. Any help will be appreciated.

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