Can't update Windows 10 - "Some settings are managed by your organization"


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Hello guys.

Recently I've been having issues updating my Windows 10 machine.

Last night I successfully updated to version 1809, but this morning when I checked if there were any new updates available I received the following message:


I also have this message showing me that my feature updates are paused:


I have checked inside my Group Policy and no settings are configured. I did a GP reset just in case.

I also checked the registry settings and found the following:


When I try to change these registry settings, they do not apply. After I reboot my PC, they are restored to this again.

I am the administrator, this is a personal PC and I can not seem to be able to solve this.

Can someone on these forums help me?

If you need any more screenshots, information etc. please ask and I will happily provide.

Thanks in advance!


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It should not be necessary to alter anything in the registry or group policy
Not mentioned, but have you tried, in the updates and security, - Advanced options, and switching the "Pause updates" OFF


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Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate in the registry and see if there is a value called SetDisablePauseUXAccess if it exists and is set to 1 either remove the value or set it to 0. You may need to reboot after


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Thank you for replying davehc!

I will try this and see if it goes away.

I do not see an option like "resume" anywhere, unfortunately. :(


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I have reinstalled Windows on a brand new SSD and the problem seems to have gone away.
FYI I was not able to solve this for the last 2 years and it was driving me insane.
I'm not sure what fixed it in the end, since the original SSD is completely functional and almost new (as a matter of fact, I'm using it in my laptop right now and have no issues with updates).

Thanks everyone!