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Windows 7 Can't update Windows...Included some screenshots...


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Jan 16, 2009
Hey guys, I have not been able to update my RC of Win7 I ran Norton and made sure all is well and unfortunately is not. I attatched some screen shots of what happens when Itry to update:

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I tried restarting and get nothing. Everything else seems to work fine so not really sure here


Peace :cool:
Try this:

click start, run, type services.msc , search for BITS, make sure its running, and right dow the bottom, that windows update is running.
Well i tried that and as in the attatched picture there was nothing that said "BITS" but I tried starting the BitLocker to no avail:

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Notice on the pic in the first post it says "Find out more about free software from (null)" wtf is that , I tried clicking and it didn't do anything

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Not BITS but the service named Windows Update, down the list. Right click on it then click Properties. Make sure the Startup Type is Automatic (Delayed Start). If the service is not running then click Start. That should do it.
I thought I was going crazy but I do not have a service named "Windows Update":

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Peace :cool:
Thats really really wired mate, are you running like a Vlite version or something?
Ya really wierd, I looked at my update list and the last update was done on 5/2/2009 and it was mainly MS Office updates, I did not see any others.

I have the Full RC1 7100 I took a screenshot of my system info below:

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Definitely not a "lite" version

Peace :cool:
Thats really really wired mate, are you running like a Vlite version or something?

What are you finding extra in his Services. I am running the same, plus a couple specific to my use?

Link Removed due to 404 Error

BITS is the pundit abbreviation for "Background Intelligent Transfer Service"

Try and start the service manually. Open the Command prompt and "run as Administrator"
net start wuauserv
If that fails, disable, totally, Norton, which is notorious for cutting services in Windows 7. Then try all again.
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Agreed, it does randomly cut services, hence why i dont use it, and because it chews up ya ram quite badly..
I went in command prompt and typed 'net start wuaserv' and got nothing, I then tried 'net start' it then listed several services in which it said started, again no Windows update service, the BITS was re-started and Norton has been totally removed and I still get nothing

Peace :cool:
Hmm, by the sounds of that, windows update hasn't been installed, or is corrupt... somehow..

do a fresh format, and get back to us.
My apologies. I have been browsing the MS pages and I see the command I gave you has altered slightly in Vista/Windows 7.. It should now read

net start wuauserv

As you seem to be missing the service, altogether, I don't hold much hope but it is worth a try.
This seems to be an example of inconsistant installs. I've install a VERIFIED copy of Win 7 RC. I've installed it 3 times on this laptop,and each install has it's individual quicks. If your not sure your install disk is good, download a new one ASAP, format and reinstall. If the problem persistants, cross your fingers it get's fixed, and use an outstanding antivirus.
For antivirus, i suggest Avira free, its keeps my computer clean, and wont let anything remotely dangerous within 200m of my computer :)
So lets say I don't have Windows update..then what I can't update? If need be I guess I can go and update from MS when needed...kinda wierd though I don think it would be an inconsitent install because it was working for over a week prior to it dissapearing, maybe longer.

You notice in the first pic it says there "Get free software information from(null)" wtf is that?

Peace :cool:
I tried AntiVir but it wouldn't install for me in 7. I use it in my Vista install, along with threatfire, and love both.

Yes, unless someone knows of a work around, you will NOT be able to update. This is a bad thing, as windows in infamous for security problems. Is the service starting automatically? Check please. If it is not, or disabled, set it to automatic start.
If you are referring to BITS it is set to Automatic(Delayed)

Peace :cool: