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I was wondering if it was possible to capture live changes of a standard text file without closing the document and re-opening it using a 3rd party program etc.

I am trying to capture output from an executable (that's not mine), but I know that it outputs to a standard text file that I am allowed to access and gather information from.

Thanks :)


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I'm not sure that anyone understands what you are asking.
At least I don't, maybe you could explain it differently?

That's probably why you aren't getting any responses.

Maybe you could give an example.



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Hmm Ok. Ill try a different way.

Currently, if I were to open a .txt file in Notepad that can be edited by another program, the text file would not be updated unless I were to close it and open it again, if the file were to be edited in real time while I had it open.

However, one step close would be using Notepad++, where the user is notified when the currently opened text file is modified in real time. It gives you the option to reload the text file to see the new changes.

Now, I was wondering if there was a program available that could update the document in real-time without asking the user if they would like to reload the document, so it would auto-update as I viewed it.


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Notepad++ can do that.
Settings > Preferences > MISC. check the box under File Status Auto-Detection > Update Silently

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