Cast W10 desktop to smart TV's?


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Running W10 (current) current EDGE, and Google browser (current @ 96.0). Is there a way to cast what I see on my W10 desktop to my smart TV's using EDGE and Google browsers?
On the Google browser clicking to view the dropdown menu, "Cast" is not there. In EDGE, I click on the menu to "Cast media to device", but my 3 smart TV's that are then listed in the popup - all of them say "not available for this site". I have casted Youtube vids to my smart TV's by clicking on the cast icon on the Youtube screens.
I posted this question last Friday. I expected that by today (Tuesday) I would have received many replies - but nada. Maybe I posted to the wrong topic?
So now it is Friday and no replies and I am wondering if anyone can even SEE my post. Can any of you see it?
Ok. Now for the dumb user question... my cell phone (android11) can cast YouTube to my TV via wifi with no additional products needed. My W10 PC is on the same network. Why can't the PC cast to that same TV without buying/installing Chromecast?
As far as I know, and that is little, the Windows Chrome browser is the only browser which allows you to cast YouTube videos, nothing else, to your tv set, without any additional app or hardware. Chromecast is an hardware extension with an hdmi connector to be plugged into your tv, with allows you with an app to cast as you like.
I don't have a chrome cast, any one available who is using one?
I cast from my Chrome browser and my Brave browser to my TV OK . I tried to cast from Edge and it did cause my TV to switch from the cablechannel that was playing to Youtube, but the Youtube displayed was really my Youtube home screen rather than the Youtube video I was trying to cast. Interesting, huh? I do not own a Chromecast.
Chrome is a Google app, Edge is a Microsoft app, both have advantages and disadventages....
your smart tv can use its own browser to watch youtube, assuming you have it on the network the actual PC can just be turned off... that's why its called a 'smart' tv
I am aware that my Samsung can access YouTube, but often I get emails that link to YouTube videos that I want to view immediately. So I click on the link in the email and the video plays on the PC monitor, and the video displays the cast icon. I click on the cast icon and then click on Samsung from the list of 3 TV's in my house that are available. At that point (if I am using the Brave or Chrome browser on my PC) the same video begins to play on my Samsung TV. If, instead of using my PC to read my emails, I was to launch YouTube directly on my Samsung, I would not even know about the videos I mentioned above.
So what you want is to have your PC send to the tv as a default screen all the time or only when certain programs are used?

A default screen is blocked by design to stop people locking themselves out of their own systems... Certain 3rd party options exist to send to a different screen but in general they are unrealistic / slow unless you know in advance and configure your tv ready before opening email or whatever to view the video

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@USS My setup: 1 Samsung smart TV that can run wi-fi. 2 other TV's running off Roku sticks via wi-fi only.
No, I want to cast certain golf videos to my big Samsung smart TV - not even once per day. I get daily golf emails that link to instructional videos, but only sometimes I want to cast - most of the videos I am happy to watch on my W10 PC monitor. I do not understand what you mean about a default or block. From what I have learned (by trial and error), Brave and Chrome browsers cast what I need right now. Edge doesn't cast as well as Brave and Chrome, and MAYBE Firefox does not cast at all.