Certain programs won't access the internet

Upgraded from Vista 64-bit to Windows 7 64-bit Home Edition. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer have internet access but pretty much nothing else will connect to the internet. Itunes store, AIM, Trillian, any gaming clients that require patching...etc.

My attempts at troubleshooting:
I have stopped and disabled Bonjour under services.msc and I've gone into my LAN Settings under Internet Properties > Connections and messed around with those boxes. Currently everything in LAN Settings is unchecked.
I've also tried Trouble's suggestion and manually assigned the DNS servers in my network adapter properties for ipv4, using for the preferred and for the alternate.
I've checked device manager and everything seems up-to-date.
I've disabled all known firewalls only to find the same result.

I'm running out of ideas here..help?

Jpegs of ipconfig/all and startup programs are attached.

Thanks in advance,

I use Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. I have added permissions for both Trend Micro and Windows Defender, but even when I disable both firewalls, I am still unable to connect to the internet with certain programs.

Can anybody possibly shed some light onto whether I'm looking at a hardware problem or if it's a settings issue or conflict? Is there some more information I can provide so that someone can better grasp what's going on with my machine? In the meantime I'm going to start uninstalling my programs in hopes that somehow, one of them is causing the conflict.

This is extremely inconvenient. Windows 7 was supposed to be a step forward...
Semester starts on Monday and this is (and should be) the last thing I want to be worrying about when that happens.


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Normally I would suggest that you experiment with a boot to safemode with networking, however; this may not be suitable since some of the programs may not run properly or at all in safemode with networking, you can certainly try it and see if your issues persist. You may have to resort to something called a clean boot of Win 7 and try to diagnose your issues that way...link follows

Thanks for the pointer. I'll give it a shot and let you know what I come up with.

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I ran a clean boot according to the instructions found in the above link. (Disabled start-up items and non-Microsoft services) I had the same result. It's my understanding that none of the start-up programs or non-microsoft systems are preventing my programs from accessing the internet.

I'm afraid to mess with disabling the Microsoft services but the problem might be in there. What do you think?


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No don't mess with the microsoft services, I wouldn't think that they would be causing these issues. I would however suspect port or protocol blocking by one or multiple firewalls or internet security suites that include firewall like applets. Since your problem seems to be with just certain programs, they may be using a protcol or port (inbound and outbound) which require more sophisticated tuning of existing firewalls. I would suggest you uninstall any such third party applications (you can always reinstall them after testing) and turn off the windows firewall temporarily just to make sure that these are not the issue. Also I don't see any mention of the device you're using for your internet connection, check the manufacturer's website to see if there's a potential update of firm ware for the router as well as your network adapter.

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Did you do a format and clean install or an upgrade? Upgrades tend to leave junk behind that cause problems. If you upgraded save youself a lot of aggrevation and do a clean install.

Trouble, I've already uninstalled all firewall software and windows IE is the only internet explorer left. I can't get google chrome to connect to the internet to reinstall it.
I think I am going to do a clean install. I'll let you guys now how it goes.
Thanks for the help.


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Sorry to hear. Thanks for the update and be sure to determine how the clean install works before installing any additional software or attaching any additional devices. Waiting to hear how it works out.

Took the opportunity to get a new hard drive while i was at it.
Just performed a clean install and things are working beautifully at the moment. I'm about to manually create a restore point.
All problems are gone. I'm guessing some of the junk I had back from my upgrade was limiting me somehow.

Thanks for everything!

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