Windows 7 Changed key in regedit (exe file) help plz


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Sep 28, 2019
Hi ,
I changed in the regedity editor the exe file key , and now i cant open any exe file , even the regedit i cant open or cmd too ,
I tried anything (also reset to an early saving of the pc i cant)
I dont know what to do please help , ill be glad if someone will find the solution.
Also i tried to be on safe mode but i cant too cause the f8 wont work , and the other option is an exe file so you know.. heres a picture of one exe file so you can see what im talking about.


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yes this is why telling people to muck about with regedit is irresponsible

if he doesn't know how to mount the registry manually... and lets face it most people don't, then the other fix is to replace the haddrive [for backup] and reinstall Windows
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