Changing file systems, can't access files

Hi, I’m having a problem accessing some of my files. I think it might started when I changed laptops and restored a backed up copy of all my files on to the new computer. The old one had a FAT 32 file system with Windows 2K, and I formatted the new one, which is running XP as NTFS. I’m mainly having problems with my MS Word 97 files, but my Turbocad files are also effected.

I seem to be able to access all the files that I restored. The problem arises when I move new files that I’ve created into some of the folders I restored from the old hard drive. I don’t have access to those files. However, when I save or copy them to those folders, I do have access to them. On the ones I move to those folders, I’m not able to change their permissions, delete, move, copy, or even change their attributes in “Properties”. In “Properties”, they are not checked as “read only”.

Is there anyway to get access to these files? Thank you much.


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It's probably due to the file system. I would do the following
  • With an extra drive, usb flash etc format it to fat32
  • Restore the files to the fat32 filesystem
  • From an elevated command prompt type convert <volume-letter> /FS:NTFS /V
  • This will convert the filesystem and files to NTFS

Thank you much for the reply. I understand everything but the "elevated command prompt." Can you tell me how I get to that in XP. I don't do much scripting. I take it I can't do it in "Run." Thanks again!


Windows Forum Team
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Oh I didn't see the XP part, just run command prompt from an account that is a local admin, there is no elevated cmd.

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