Windows 7 Checking In: Eric Lippert - On Compiler Evolution, Designing C# and Blogging

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    Happy Birthday, Channel 9!!! We are 7 years old today! [​IMG]

    Wow, hard to believe. What a great 7 years it has been. THANK YOU, NINERS! In celebration, we bring you the latest episode of Checking In with Erik Meijer. Our very special guest is Eric Lippert.

    Many of you probably know Eric Lippert from his exceptional blog. You've also met him on C9 before (in fact, Eric was the very first interview Channel 9 shot almost 7 years ago—I remember Lenn, Jeff, Bryn, Scoble, and myself huddled around the computer in my office watching the video with Eric. It was clear we were on to something...).

    But how much do you know about Eric? Where is he from? What attracted him to computers? When did he first start programming? What was the spark that lit the fire inside of him for writing code? How did he land at Microsoft? What projects has he worked on over the years? What's he working on these days?

    Compilers have evolved to meet the modern needs of developers, and Eric, one of the developers of the C# compiler, knows this firsthand. From Intellisense to refactoring, compilers do much more than take syntax and convert it into an optimized language that a target execution layer can understand.

    Erik has many questions for Eric. What will the answers be? Tune in.

    Enjoy, and thanks to Eric for spending time with Erik and Channel 9! Great conversation, as usual.



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