Clarification on "Upgrading from RC/RTM to Final"..


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Yes but as he asks why would you need to upgrade from RTM to final?

Clarification on "Upgrading to Final RTM

This is copied from a tech letter from technet and is supposed to be upgrade from various op sys to win 7 rtm, not upgradeing from win 7 rtm. some material evidently got copied by mistake and inserted here. You do know you can't upgrade beyond the RTM?


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Stil begs the question why would you want to upgrade from RTM.
If you by a PC with RTM installed that for you is the final release and to buy a retail copy of the final release would be a waste of money.

This is an upgrade scenario from one of the previous editions. No one said anything about upgradeing win 7 rtm you already have installed. Read the information again. Do you see anything about upgrading from win 7 rtm?

You can also upgrade from the various win 7 os's to higher classes of win 7 just as you would upgrade from xp home to xp pro or vista basic to vista home premium or business etc...



is windows 7 already final? this version WINDOWS.7.ULTIMATE.7600

Upgrading to Windows 7

It is the final version unless they (Microsoft) find a bug of some sort in the system between now and October 22nd. The final RTM is to be released to the manufacturers and distributors Oct. 22,2009. All the techies have been testing and putting it through some pretty tough situations for quiet a while and I think they have been able to download the final version from Microsoft. I tested the RC, but found too many of my programs/games wouldn't work right so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the original OS (Vista Home Premium). I have Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade preordered. I would have gone for the clean install but I don't have any junk on it yet to cause any problems. If you can preorder, (I think you only have a few days to do so). Saves quiet a bit of dough! You can preorder from Microsoft, Best Buy, Newegg, etc...

Quick Question. Whens that cutoff date, where the RC/RTM will start shutting down every hour, and all that fun stuff?

cutoff date

kyle, seems like I read the computers will start shutting down in either June or July of 2010. I read this in one of the bulletins from technet but can't find it for some reason. Maybe Radeknight can give you more info. He seems to be up on this stuff pretty good.:)


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It'll start shutting down May 1. June 1 it'll be dead.

Ah thank you guys. :)

I'm glad somebody remembered the dates for that. I thought it was June or July. I'll be glad to see the new Win 7 get up and running. I ran into several bugs I couldn't work out (Incompatible programs) so I just uninstalled the RC and reinstalled my original OS, and went with the pre-order Win 7 Ultimate.

guys I think the RC shuts down hourly or 2 hourly.... starting 1 March 2010 and goes dead in July...

The info I have states the RTM version of win 7 WAS released for downloads to the techies in August and WILL be available to manfacturers/distributors OCT 22, 2009. That's all I have. I've pre-ordered my Win 7 OS, and it's supposed to be available OCTOBER 22, 2009. :) ...


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Since the RC expires on June 1st, I'll remove this thread from the Windows 7 Discussion "sticky" area, but will keep the thread open for reference.

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