Windows 10 Classic Solitaire/Klondike - right-click not working


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Jan 17, 2017
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 (new computer) and found that the classic solitaire right-click doesn't work. In Windows 7 if you right-clicked then the cards would go up to the top (ace, 2, etc). Now it all has to be done manually one at a time. Is this correct - that this feature has been removed from the game?

Have you checked to see if there's a setting to control the right click behavior in the application?

Thank you for replying. I have looked in the Game Settings but there is nothing about right-click, unless I am missing something.

aytee … welcome to windows-forum. as for solitaire (microsoft's free card-game). depends which one you play … seems spider 'n pyramid have no right-click … only left-click. free-cell allows for both right- and left-click. been quite a while for me … found out i couldn't add quite as well as i thought. <grin>

oh … and i am using win-10.

and, just now i noticed you mentioned "klondike" … depends on the move. an "ace" can be right-clicked if there is blank space on top … and if "2" exists … that can be right-clicked to coincide with the "ace". but i decided i really don't like windows solitaire … too much spam/ads.

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That is different to Windows 7 and a real pain, having to manually move cards up one at a time instead of being able to right-click in a blank space and the possible ones go up all together.

It's a handy game when I need something really brainless! Like listening to audio books for instance.

when i want something "brainless" … i usually resort to watching golf or football. <grin> "jewel-star" is another popular game, aytee … it also resides in win-10 mindless collection of apps … if you wanna' give that a whirl.

or … you could try asking cortana to sing … she's a bit over the top.

Haven't made friends with her yet!

But, what's with my solitaire??? I want to trash my old computer but this is preventing me from doing that.

Can't you just double click the card?

Yes, manually, one by one - I can even right-click the card, manually, one by one.

I have Windows 10 Pro and have the MS Solitaire/Klondike game. Right-click on the board will not do anything. I have to click manually to move the cards. If you have any aces card, you can right click and it will go to the top of the board. Also if you have a card with a double ace, you can right click and it will move to the top of the ace card.

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Why did they remove this feature? It doesn't make sense! A real stupid thing to do.

aytee … if you run across a win-7 version of the game on the internet … i would urge you to stay away from it … might contain malware or something even worse.

Thanks for the heads-up, I might have just done something like that!

mouse wheel click...

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Hey there! I also recently upgraded to Windows 10 and noticed the same thing with the right-click feature in classic solitaire.