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Hey guys, I have a 160 GB Samsung external HDD that I sent into RMA, and I was thinking when I got it back I'd replace it with my notebook's 80 GB Seagate HDD.

My question is, can I simply use the enclosure (which connects via USB) and some cloning software (such as Seagate's DiscWizard software) to transfer over all the data (files, applications, OS, etc.) to the external HDD and then simply put the external inside the laptop, and use the old HDD as an external?

Is this possible, and if there are any better options (such as better cloning programs), please let me know.

Seagate's Disk Wizard, like Maxtor's MaxBlast uses the same backup program. I've used them both and they work well. (That's Acronis True Image)

Cloning works best if you can get both drives hardwired to a desktop PC with power and data cables....NO USB.
I've used adapters to connect laptop drives to the SATA ports on my desktop MOBO.
The two drives in the clone should be the only two drives connected on the system, just for safety.

Another way to do this job is to make a "Disk to Image" copy of one drive to DVD. Then using the same program do a "Image to Disk" Restore, to the new drive. I've done that many times in the past, using Norton's Ghost. You can do that on a laptop that only supports one drive. Make a backup DVD of the first drive, then swap drives and do a restore of the image on DVD to the new drive. Job done.

That's actually the way to restore a system, after the original Hard Drive has shot craps.
I back up my own system every week, just in case my HD blows its brains out.
Getting set up to clone your HD, is just the first step in setting up a backup system for your own HD.

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You might also try Macrium Reflect Free. It's a great backup and imaging software and quite fast too.

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Alright, well I have great news to report! :)

The new enclosure I ordered came in today, and the hard drive was finally recognized by my computer. So, I'm guessing the enclosure was the problem all along, heh...

I went ahead and used the Seagate DiscWizard and cloned my old hard drive to the RMA'd one, and put it into my laptop, and it worked perfectly.

As a matter of fact, I'm actually running off the RMA'd HDD right now, with 100 GB free as compared to only 30 GB free, woot! :)

So, in the end the enclosure was the problem, and using Seagate's DiscWizard to clone the drive worked perfectly.

The only problem with Macrium is the new drive must be equal to or greater in size than the backed up image so if your ols system was on a single Hard Drive of a 160 Gig drive you cannot put it on a 80 Gig drive. Macrium only Backs up and estores images of a partitions. It does not serve as cloning function. Just get the latest trial version of Acronis True image if you want to do a clone. I use Macrium weekly, My OS is in on a 1.5 TB single Partition Drive, Macrium cannot install it on a 750 gig drive, it can only be restored to a 1.5 Gig drive or greater. In short Macrium Reflect is does not have a cloning feature. It only images Partitions or files.

Acronis True Image from Seagate or Maxtor, is as good as what you'd pay good money for.
I've used it many times to clone hard drives and it's quite good at it.

I'm glad your clone is working.
It may be more advantageous to you to make backup image files of your C: drive, before you make any major changes or updates to it. You can store many Images on a large HD, either internal or external. (I know that having multiple internal drives on a laptop is not usually possible, but USB Externals are easy to use.)

Good Luck and thanks for the good report!

Cheers Mate!


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