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I know that most everyone here has made a number of these, although they may just have thrown them in the trash. I decided that it would be a good idea to take the name literally and create a custom coaster set. I've not gotten too far yet, because I'm still experimenting with the LS templates and thinking about the design for the wooden plaques that I will glue these to.
Clock Coaster.PNG
Mantle Coaster.PNG

This is just a couple of examples that I've come up with. I only wish that they made LS discs without any holes in the middle of them, because I know that will become a magnet for spilt beverages, etc. I may experiment by cutting out the hubs and cutting a smaller disc to fit into the center, but unless I print them first, they would still be adding a blank hole in the designs.

I guess that I've either got too much time on my hands (the clock above hasn't got any hands (maybe that's appropriate to someone that has no set schedule to keep), or I just hate throwing anything away that has some possible use.

Nor forgetting the 8.1 RTM ability to boot straight to the legacy desktop, as a choice..
Classic and start8, are both compatible. Personally I would not see the point of paying for something which has free alternatives doing the same job.
Start8 and classic are in the store, so I don't really see them vanishing in a hurry? Like many other earlier programs, there are better alternatives than the built in ones (Paint, for example). Microsoft have never, historically, obstructed their use.

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