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Everytime I try and open the control panel in Windows 7 I get a message that says that "COM Surrogate has Stopped Working". I looked at forums online and the same problem had happened in vista and they had a fix. When I downloaded and installed the fix it did not solve the problem. The problem seems to happen when windows trys to make video files into thumbnails. Any Suggestions......
The answer that I have routinely gotten, because I am having the same problem, is that it is related to codec packs. Do you have any installed?

If I have any installed then I am unaware of them. I am a web desinger and am not to familiar with codecs packages. What exactly would i be looking for and how can I find them and disable them?
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Well, you would probably know if you had any installed, as they would show up in your uninstall applet. I've removed all the codecs from my system, and am still getting the COM surrogate error. Sorry man, wish I could have helped.

Hey Its no big problem. I do not think that the problem has to do with the codecs though. I disabled all codecs on my system and disabled thumbnail preview and the error message continued to happen. I cannot use the DEP Thing because my OS is 64 bit. I dont know what else to do.
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BlackRose can you provide me a list of software packages that you have installed on your computer? I will cross reference it with mine to try and find a commonality