comp slow

ever since yesterday ive been havng prob playing games, slow load times and freezing, i also noticed upon turning on comp the desktop icons load up slower plus other things load slower, the forums for the game i pla yreccomended i update my windows updater which i did except service pack 1 which im having problems dling, i get error 800b0100, i dled this but it doesnt seem to install, i also dled the latest directx drivers and graphic card drivers, any clue on what the prob is or what i can do to fix it? thanks a bunch for the assistance :)

guess i was a lil vague with description of problems with comp but one thing i noticed is on startup after putting in password the comp takes alot longer to load desktop, any clue what that could b related to? or anyone know of a good program i can get which will scan my computer for anything that's not working properly? like ram, motherboard, graphics card etc, sorry im a computer nub :)


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Click start and type
into the search box and hit enter
Examine the contents of the startup tab and consider beginning with unchecking most of what you see there that is launching at computer startup.
You may want to consider doing a Clean Boot to further diagnose whether there may be other services or such also launching at startup that maybe unnecessary.

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