computer doesn't find microphone

We have this headset. in the sound menu, it says not connected, while i did put it in the computer? (and i din't put them the wrong way around, and have checked all my drivers.)


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The system is seeing the headphones but not the microphone?

Of course, I have to ask, are you plugging it into the correct port, and front or back? Do you have any other microphones plugged in?

If you right click the speaker icon and go to the Recording Tab, anything show up there?

Yes i had them right, and yes he does see the earphones and not the microphone. I put it in the front, and my dad now put it in the back, and it does work. But it was really annoying. Was it just the connection or somthing?


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There may be a setting in a mixer/sound control panel, that can turn off one port if another one is being used or being used in a certain way.

Edit: This assumes an internal connection has not come loose for the front panel.

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