Computer freezes when left unattended

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    Hi everyone.

    For a long while now my computer freezes completely when left unattended. All the while it is being used, it's fine and I can use it continually to do resource intense tasks as well as less demanding tasks without issue. BUT, the moment to step away to make a cuppa... come back and it's frozen with no response from keyboard or mouse. The only way out is the reset button.

    On the odd occasion I get BSOD (no pic, sorry!) or it randomly turns itself off but most of the time it just freezes up. The frustrating thing is, it's an intermittent fault making logical fault finding very difficult.

    Since, as far as I can remember, this has only been happening since the computer was transported from the UK to Australia as sea freight, I have re-seated the processor, memory and graphics card to the motherboard as well as checked all connectors are secure. Now the computer only freezes and I haven't, as yet, had any further re-occurrences of BSOD or random turn offs. (touch wood!)

    I read in a different forum that my graphics card could be the cause so I swapped it with an action spare but the computer still froze. Admittedly, I didn't uninstalled the drivers, just installed drivers for the replacement card.

    I've ran System Stability Tests using AIDA (aka Everest). Everything looks ok with temps and voltages. The only issue I could see was a fluctuation in Vcore at idle. Reading from other sources, this seems to be 'normal'.

    Here's what else I've tried so far:

    Event Viewer - No clues given to possible cause only entries that 'Windows didn't shutdown properly'! (yeah, go figure!)
    SFC Scan - No errors detected
    memtest - Passed
    Checked BIOS setting - All looks good
    Booted from Ubuntu Disk - left overnight and didn't freeze
    Booted in Safe Mode - left overnight and didn't freeze
    Booted 'Selective Startup' (no system services or startup items) - didn't freeze
    Booted 'Selective Startup' (with system services only) - didn't freeze

    So now I'm thinking it's a startup item that's causing the issue but I've tried different half split configuration to try to narrow down the startup item at fault but, because the symptoms are intermittent, this has proved in conclusive. Now I have a system that appears asymptomatic but I know it's only a matter of time before it freezes up again!

    Here is a list of both my Services and Startup Items. Can anyone see anything that might lead to a possible conflict.

    Startup Items.
    Startup Items.

    My system configuration is as follows:

    Processor: AMD FX8350 8-core @ 4Ghz
    Mobo: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 rev 3
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 1600Mhz (running at 1340Mhz) 4 banks of 16Gb 1.5v ver 5.29 but only 32Gb showing in total (something else that needs investigating))
    Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2Gb
    OS: Window 7 Professional 64 bit - Service Pack 1

    Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.


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