Computer goes unresponsive randomly for a minute or so.

As the title explains my computer has been randomly going unresponsive and I cannot narrow down what the problem is, my CPU usage is always below 30% at the time most of the time. I also was suggested to look towards a windows forum after I cancelled out the idea of it being malware after I posted on the Malwarebytes forum and ruled out all chances of it being Malware.

So I am left stuck on what it could be. Maybe I just need to completely re-install windows?

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hello Viticus and welcome to the forum.
Before doing anything as drastic as a clean install, which is not necessarily a bad idea, just one you might want to save for a last ditch resolution and if it's hardware related won't help much anyway.
Watching you CPU is a good idea, but don't neglect your Disk I/Os, memory and network. Maybe use Resource Monitor to watch it over a period of time.

I would first suggest though, that you employ something called a "Clean Boot" and see if the computer does the same thing.
Have a look here for a guide
Good luck and keep us posted.

After doing a Clean Boot, the same problem was occurring.

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