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Windows 7 Computer Randomly Restarting


New Member
Apr 1, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have an older computer that is having a few issues. For starters, the computer randomly restarts on it's own. And it does it at random times, sometimes right after inputing the password at the login screen, sometimes during the BIOS screen, and sometimes while in safe mode while doing nothing. I have tried a system restore to an earlier date, but that won't work. I even tried reinstalling Windows 7 on it, but it restarted during the installation and I am affraid that if it wipes everything, then keeps restarting, it won't boot at all because of not having an OS. I have the most recent DMP file, it was from a few weeks ago, but is still the most recent one. I am at a point that I have no where to turn and don't know what's wrong.Link RemovedLink Removed
Someone might come by to check your dump file, or you could go over to the BSOD forum for help.

But I would suspect some type of power issue. Maybe your power supply or something else causing your system to think it is in danger.

In the BSOD forum, there is a sticky that goes through what they might need to get a good idea of your system and talks about how to set you system to generate dump files.